Current Students

(1st Supervisor)

  • Ruben Kruiper, Computer-Aided Biomimetics - Semi-Open Relation Extraction from Scientific Biological Texts (co-advised with Prof. Marc Desmulliez).
  • Xinnuo Xu, Controllable Text Generation and Summarization (co-advised with Prof. Verena Rieser)
  • Shubham Agarwal, Multi-modal Dialogue Generstion (co-advised with Prof. Verena Rieser)
  • Jingyi Li, MPhil Candidate, Text Summarisation with Abstract Meaning Representation (co-advised with Dr. Arash Eshghi)

(2nd Supervisor)

  • Alessandro Suglia, Interacrive Grounded Language Learning (advised by Prof. Oliver Lemon)
  • Marios Katsakioris, Multimodal Interaction for Collaborative Planning (advised by Prof. Helen Hastie)
  • Ioannis Chalkiadakis, Explainable Machine Learning (advised by Prof. Mike Chantler)
  • Angus Addlessee, Conversational AI in Healthcare (advised by Dr. Arash Eshghi)
  • Zhicheng Hao, Mining Processes for Event Detection (advised by Dr. Yun-Heh (Jessica) Chen-Burger)
  • Ioannis Papaioannou, Coherence in Conversational AI (advised by Prof. Oliver Lemon)
  • Karin Sevegnani, Dialogue Generation, Knowledge Bases (advised by Prof. Verena Rieser)